Wine is a celebration of the people and the history in each bottle. We’re proud to be Minnesota’s family connection to the world of wines and spirits since 1934.
We are The Wine People…these are our stories.

The gift is more than what’s in the bottle.

When you give someone wine or liquor, the gift is so much bigger than the contents of the bottle. Each selection has a distinct personality that can speak volumes about the giver or recipient. The smells and tastes can evoke memories of specific moments in time. Meaningful connections can be made to where it was produced—and when. Wine and liquor have a unique ability to mature, making them ideal for both noting milestones and celebrating the passing of time.

When Sinatra would give a gift, it was a reflection of himself: smooth, complex and perfectly in tune. Camus Imperial cognac was Sinatra in a bottle and his choice whenever he had us deliver a gift. We often find that your taste in wine or liquor reflects aspects of your personality: bold and confident, subtle and sweet. What a wonderful way put your own signature touch on gift giving.

When Sinatra would give a gift, it was a reflection of himself...

Wine or liquor can also express qualities you see in the recipient, making your gift more meaningful and personalized. Offer an explanation of why you made your selection. “Like this Sauvignon Blanc, you’re bright, fun and a great addition to any party.” Tell us about your recipient, and we’ll find their ideal match.

The origin of a wine or liquor can also add significance to a gift. Years back, a longtime US Senator needed the perfect Minnesota gift for his fellow members of Congress—he was delighted with our suggestion of Alexis Bailly Ratafia. It’s from Minnesota’s oldest vineyard, and this fortified dessert wine was traditionally used to toast the ratification of a treaty. I can’t say if it helped him reach across the aisle in Washington, but the gift embodied the precise sentiment he wanted.

From birth years to anniversaries to world championships, everybody has specific years to celebrate. Selecting a bottle from a specific vintage allows someone to have a keepsake and experience a wine from that special year. When the Twins won the pennant in ’87, we created a custom Champagne bottle that we still see on bookcase shelves. Many parents will buy a birth year wine to store until their child’s 21st birthday; we can help select a wine suited to long-term cellaring. We also have a large collection of vintage Armagnac brandy that goes back decades—each bottle is a testament to the qualities only maturity can provide.

...a longtime US Senator needed the perfect Minnesota gift...

For newlyweds, a great gift idea is a three-bottle anniversary set: one each for the first, fifth and tenth anniversaries. A Champagne for the first, because the love is sparkling and new; a Bordeaux for the fifth, as the marriage has found balance and complexity; and a Port for the tenth, because their love has been fortified by time, with a mature, lasting sweetness.

We’re always delighted when customers come to us for gift ideas. Wine and liquor are innately connected to celebration, and a thoughtfully selected bottle is more than a simple gift—it’s an experience. No matter the occasion, we’ll help you find a bottle with the perfect message inside.